The 2016 Greensboro Junior Chamber Board of Directors


J.B. Nosek

Chairman of the board

I've been a Jaycee for almost 5 years. I joined to meet new people, develop myself professionally and help give back to our great city. I currently sit as Chairman of the Board and have thoroughly enjoyed the year thus far with our President, Brandon Hunter. 

Beyond work and volunteering, I love a good round of golf, an early morning hunt and any opportunity to go deep sea diving. I sincerely believe the Junior Chamber is the premier group of young professionals and will work to increase our service to the community, membership diversity and look for new fundraisers to help Greensboro shine bright.


Brandon Hunter


I am a financial planner with Northwestern Mutual and have been actively involved with the Jaycees for about 3 years. During my first two years with the organization, I served as Treasurer.

Of course, I enjoy time spent with friends. I'm a bit of a sports junkie and get most excited about football, basketball, boxing and MMA.


Loch Saslow

Legal Counsel

I've been honored to serve the Board and the organization as Legal Counsel for the last couple of years. The Jaycees is made up of passionate and selfless members who share a strong sense of camaraderie.

As a Greensboro native, I am fully aware and appreciate everything the Jaycees has done for this community in the past. I strive in my role to make our future a part of that great history.


John Riley

Community & Individual VP

I joined the Jaycees in 2015 in an effort to get involved with the local community and meet new people. So far, 2016 has been a great year for our organization. I am confident that momentum will continue as we grow our membership, execute initiatives to give back to the community and find new ways for our members to grow both personally and professionally in a civic focused atmosphere.

Outside of work and commitment to the Junior Chamber, I enjoy spending time with friends, trying the newest local restaurants and snowboarding.


Craig Langmeyer

Internal VP

I have been a member of the Greensboro Junior Chamber since 2014. I am honored to be serving on the board for 2016. This year, we are striving to increase membership and develop more opportunities for young professionals in the area to build strong leadership skills while serving their community.

Outside of the Jaycees, my hobbies include playing the piano, cooking and cruising on my motorcycle.


Derek Mobley


I've been a member of the Greensboro Junior Chamber since 2014. As someone with five years of work experience in a Fortune 500 financial services company, I feel honored and qualified to be this organization's Treasurer for the 2016 calendar year. I have been a Greensboro resident since 2009, and am Lexington, North Carolina, native.

Beyond the Jaycees, my hobbies include movies, reading, math, community development and a few solo sports.


Blinn Cushman


I am very much excited to be the Board secretary for 2016.  I joined the Greensboro Jaycees in September 2015, and quickly recognized the benefits of membership.  It’s been a fantastic opportunity to both grow my professional network, and to develop my leadership skills.

I am an attorney and I have recently established my own law practice (Cushman Law Firm, PLLC) in downtown Greensboro.  In my spare time, I pursue professional networking and development opportunities in organizations such as the Jaycees.  I also enjoy traveling to U.S. national parks, photography, and fly-fishing.

I suggest attending one of our monthly socials.  I believe that once you see who we are and what we do, you’ll want to join us.


Michael Boyer

Communications vp

I am grateful for the opportunity to sit on the Greensboro Junior Chamber's Board for 2016. I joined the Jaycees in early 2016 with a mind for professional networking and a desire to take the pulse of the city. Shortly after becoming involved with the organization, I joined the Board to facilitate on-message communication with the surrounding areas.

Like Blinn, I am an attorney and chose downtown Greensboro to anchor my practice (Carolina Craft Legal). My passion is craft-inspired business and its role in community economic development. You can likely find me at a local brewery with my fiance and our dog, Molly, enjoying the what our creative, hard-working entrepreneurs have to offer.

I, too, encourage coming out to a membership meeting, monthly social or volunteer event. We're actively seeking engaged and passionate young professionals to help extend the legacy of one of Greensboro's most storied organizations.