Our Story

The Greensboro Junior Chamber (the "Jaycees") was chartered on October 24, 1936. A local group of young men sought to bring a Ford Motor Company plant to the area. Although unsuccessful, their efforts and vision were the humble beginnings of an organization with sincere interest in working toward improving the life and advancing commerce in Greensboro.

Today, the Greensboro Jaycees is still an organization working to develop leadership skills in young professionals through community service. With nearly 80 years of commitment to the Triad, the Greensboro chapter has been recognized on two occasions as the World's Best Chapter, as well as the same on the national and state levels in 1965, 1968, 1991, 1995 and 2009.

At its peak, the Greensboro Jaycees was 1,200 members strong and synonymous with the ideals of passion and love for community. The chapter is responsible for the origins of what we know today as the Wyndham Championship and the Holiday Parade, a Greensboro tradition circa 1976.

As the world has evolved to accommodate technology's role in shifting our social and economic ecosystems, the Jaycees has looked inward upon its core values of leadership and service to redefine its path to improving life and commerice in Greensboro.