The Jaycees

Connecting the Greensboro Community and Developing its Young Professionals.


Our Mission

The Greensboro Junior Chamber (the "Jaycees") endeavors to provide the inspired youth of the Triad the opportunity to develop themselves as leaders and as active members of the community through service and organizational involvement. By and through our efforts to develop each of our members personally, the Greensboro Junior Chamber as a collective strives to act as the community liaison to the Greater Greensboro area. Our mission is thus to use this chapter's deeply rooted history as a platform for renewed inclusion, social contribution and economic growth.

Our Vision

We see the Jaycees as the young professional organization of choice in the Triad and an organization well-positioned within the fabric of Greensboro to provide direction and leadership now and in the future. We look to develop our members through an impassioned community commitment and vice versa.

Our Goals

Over the course of the last calendar year, the Junior Chamber Board of Directors has reimagined the annual outlook for our organization's community commitments. In years past, much of the Jaycees' initiatives focused on one or two major events. Moving forward, however, the Board has agreed that anchoring each quarter with a signature event or focus will help ensure an enduring impact all year long. As each quarter develops its own identity in the years to come, the Jaycees will strengthen its appeal to a more diverse body of young professionals in the Triad communities. Here's snapshot of our signature events and focuses.

In the Kitchen @ Urban Ministries

The holiday season sees a high tide of charitable giving and volunteerism. We want to make sure that momentum carries over into the new year, every year.

Downtown connectivity

While we are holding off on the specifics, the Jaycees has blueprinted a commitment to enhancing the experience of downtown Greensboro over the next couple of years.

Bags to Wishes Cornhole Tourney

A family-friendly, corporate sponsored corn hole competition boasting 96 teams, food, drink, music and a charitable donation to the Make-A-Wish® Foundation.

Taste of Carolina Wine Festival

More than 20 of your favorite homegrown North Carolina wineries, great music and local vendors at the White Oak Amphitheater and a charitable contribution to the Make a Wish Foundation and the March of Dimes.


“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

Henry David Thoreau | American transcendentalist


Our Story

The Greensboro Junior Chamber (the "Jaycees") was chartered on October 24, 1936. A local group of young men sought to bring a Ford Motor Company plant to the area. Although unsuccessful, their efforts and vision were the humble beginnings of an organization with sincere interest in working toward improving the life and advancing commerce in Greensboro.

Today, the Greensboro Jaycees is still an organization working to develop leadership skills in young professionals through community service. With nearly 80 years of commitment to the Triad, the Greensboro chapter has been recognized on two occasions as the World's Best Chapter, as well as the same on the national and state levels in 1965, 1968, 1991, 1995 and 2009.

At its peak, the Greensboro Jaycees was 1,200 members strong and synonymous with the ideals of passion and love for community. The chapter is responsible for the origins of what we know today as the Wyndham Championship and the Holiday Parade, a Greensboro tradition circa 1976.

As the world has evolved to accommodate technology's role in shifting our social and economic ecosystems, the Jaycees has looked inward upon its core values of leadership and service to redefine its path to improving life and commerice in Greensboro.


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